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Multiculturalism is an action, it’s a way of promoting understanding
by Andrea García González | Aula Intercultural

In this interview, Executive Director Salome Chasnoff and Program Director Tara Malik discuss the importance of using media tools in their projects as well as their reflections about multicultural education. In addition, they talk about their most recent project focusing on HIV education, how this issue is treated in the United States and how this affects youth.

Youth Media against Violence
by Salome Chasnoff & Jesse Wheeler | Youth Media Reporter

We call on the youth media field to forge visible spaces for young people - particularly young women - to talk as authorities on the violence in their lives, and to reflect on strategies for avoiding, combating, managing, and surviving violence. By unveiling violence through their conversation and projects, young people become active creators of constructive, educative media, rather than passive consumers of media that depicts teens as marginal, menacing, and intractable problems.