Press & Recognition

HIV ‘viral’ video aims to capture Chicago teens’ attention
by Anna Swindle | Medill Reports

With personal accounts from affected teens themselves, a new HIV/AIDS education video will begin making the rounds in Chicago Public Schools this fall. "Instead of letting the authorities have the voice, we give the camera to the folks most affected," said Simon Fisher, distribution coordinator with Beyondmedia Education in Chicago. "It's sort of a combination sex ed video, the science behind AIDS and also is a way to dispel fears."

Tonic’s 50 Most Beautiful People: 1-10
by Lisa Germinsky | Tonic

Dannette Hoarde, project manager for Beyondmedia's Women & Prison website, was recognized in a recent Tonic magazine article.

Growing up is even harder when mom is in prison
by Stephanie Chen | CNN

Stephanie Chen recently published an article on the CNN website telling the story of Wanda Taylor and her daughter, Donnie Belcher. Donnie and her mother's stories are published on Beyondmedia's Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance website.