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Youth Media against Violence
by Salome Chasnoff & Jesse Wheeler | Youth Media Reporter

We call on the youth media field to forge visible spaces for young people - particularly young women - to talk as authorities on the violence in their lives, and to reflect on strategies for avoiding, combating, managing, and surviving violence. By unveiling violence through their conversation and projects, young people become active creators of constructive, educative media, rather than passive consumers of media that depicts teens as marginal, menacing, and intractable problems.

HIV ‘viral’ video aims to capture Chicago teens’ attention
by Anna Swindle | Medill Reports

With personal accounts from affected teens themselves, a new HIV/AIDS education video will begin making the rounds in Chicago Public Schools this fall. "Instead of letting the authorities have the voice, we give the camera to the folks most affected," said Simon Fisher, distribution coordinator with Beyondmedia Education in Chicago. "It's sort of a combination sex ed video, the science behind AIDS and also is a way to dispel fears."

Tonic’s 50 Most Beautiful People: 1-10
by Lisa Germinsky | Tonic

Dannette Hoarde, project manager for Beyondmedia's Women & Prison website, was recognized in a recent Tonic magazine article.

Growing up is even harder when mom is in prison
by Stephanie Chen | CNN

Stephanie Chen recently published an article on the CNN website telling the story of Wanda Taylor and her daughter, Donnie Belcher. Donnie and her mother's stories are published on Beyondmedia's Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance website.

Youth Videos Push Back Gender Violence
by rebecca s. a. connie and Tara Malik | On The Issues Magazine

Tara and Rebecca discuss Beyondmedia's Chain of Change project.

5 Questions About Art in Chicago
by Daniel Tucker & Nato Thompson | AREA Chicago

"5 Questions About Art in Chicago" originated out of the Chicago portion of the Town Hall Talks organized by Daniel Tucker and Nato Thompson as part of Creative Time's Democracy In America project, in which 20 artists from a selected city were asked 5 questions about their work in a group interview. After that project was completed AREA Chicago took the transcripts and invited 20 more Chicago-based artists and cultural organizers to contribute to the interview project. Beyondmedia's executive director, Salome Chasnoff, was part of the project.

Youth Media is Coming Out
by Ingrid Hu Dahl | Youth Media Reporter

The process of coming out and “becoming” queer is difficult to explore. As a result, it is sometimes safer to stay in the closet. Unlike their peers of color, queer youth are less likely to have a queer parent or family member to go to when oppressive comments take their toll. In general, queer youth have a difficult time finding the support of adults, family members, and peers because they risk abandonment, rejection, and abuse in “coming out.” Finally, many of the existing LGBT centers and queer social spaces predominantly cater to adults 21 and over. Fortunately, queer youth are able to find support and community at youth media programs because they encourage young people to tell their stories and share their perspectives.

Film Will Serve as Spark for Discussion at Public Library
by Bari Faye Siegel | Tri-Town News

People with disabilities want one thing more than anything else in the world: they want others to see them as people who live, learn, laugh and love - like everybody else in the world. They dream of a world where everyone is able to see that they are so much more than their disabilities. Filmmaker Susan Nussbaum brought that dream to life in the film "Beyond Disability: The Fe Fe Stories." The film, which runs about 30 minutes, depicts a group of girls who refuse to be defined by what others seem to think holds them back.

Youth Media Report Interviews Salome Chasnoff
by Ingrid Hu Dahl | Youth Media Reporter

In response, and due to other recent events that have challenged access to free press in Chicago (including Loyola’s takeover of WLUW and the buyout of the Chicago Reader and the firing of key writers) on January 17th Beyondmedia Education organized a meeting at Columbia College for community and independent media makers to come together to build a media justice plan for action addressing issues of censorship, inequality in media access, and the increasing corporate control of media in Chicago. In January, YMR interviewed Salome Chasnoff, Executive Director of Beyondmedia. Wins Award to Support Computer Literacy Program for Formerly Incarcerated Women
by Avon Foundation | Avon Foundation

Dannette Hoarde Honored with $5,000 Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund Award